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We're up for the Challenge!

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We're up for the Challenge!


Either way... you win by saving money!
Plus, no payments for 90 days!3


Hurry... offer ends June 15, 2021!

Auto Buying Services
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Auto Buying Concierge Services

Don't want to "deal" with a dealership? Buying a new car should be fun and exciting! We can help save you time, money and frustration without going to a dealership. We'll even deliver your new car to your local branch, home or work. You call the shots... not the car salesman. And, this in-house service is complimentary for SCE FCU members!

CU at the Wheel

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Find a Used Car with Enterprise Car Sales

Enterprise offers no-haggle pricing so you can avoid unpleasant negotiations and sales games. You’ll be pleased with their professional people and low-pressure sales approach.

Enterprise Car Sales