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Center for Financial Empowerment

Have you ever wished someone had taught you about money before you made costly mistakes?

Every year millions of unprepared high school graduates embark into a financial minefield of consumerism, easy credit and predatory alternative financial services. And the results are clear… unprecedented levels of mounting credit card debt, bankruptcy filings and student loan debt.

Improving young lives through financial education

Founded in 2005 by SCE Credit Union, the Center for Financial Empowerment (CFE) is our nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization serving high school youth in underserved communities. We partner with schools and community organizations in Southern California and Southern Nevada to offer financial education programs, giving disadvantaged youth the power to make better financial choices and improve their future.

The CFE carries out our vision to provide much-needed financial education to the next generation of members. This partnership offers a unique, big picture solution for disadvantaged and immigrant youth. We teach them relevant, actionable economic skills, and give them access to affordable deposit accounts, loans, and tools to put their learned skills into use.

cfe vision
Our focus

We serve high school teens in low-income communities, where the cycle of poverty can keep families disadvantaged for generations. Without effective training, youth are unable to break that cycle, despite potential opportunities that may arise educationally or financially.

Our goal

The CFE has made its mission to provide effective financial education solutions to teens in our underserved communities. We’re empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and improve their lives.

Your Credit Union membership helps

you can help
1 $15 gets you started

When you open an SCE FCU account, you’ll need $15 – $5 goes into your Savings account securing your ownership in the Credit Union, and the remaining $10 is a tax-deductible donation to the CFE.

2 Donation match

The Credit Union matches your $10 donation – doubling your impact!

3 Your funds

Your donation sends the CFE into local high schools, preparing teens for life by teaching them to be smart with money and credit:

  • Financial training in the classroom
  • Interactive financial learning labs (aka Mad City Money)
  • College scholarships for low-income youth
4 Sponsorship

For one year, your $10 donation designates you as an Empowerment Sponsor!

  • Special updates go right to your email inbox, so you can see how your donation is helping local teens
  • You can get even more involved by volunteering at CFE events
  • You’ll have the option to renew your sponsorship annually to keep helping teens (whether or not you renew has no impact on your Credit Union membership)