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Together We Create Good


/ɡo͝od/     (noun)

  1. Morally right, righteous
  2. What SCE Credit Union strives to create

Good is what SCE Credit Union strives to create. It's why we're here, what we aim to do. It's difficult to quantify or measure, because good has a ripple effect. Today’s small savings account becomes tomorrow’s investment strategy, which turns into a daughter’s college tuition. The auto loan is really a reliable ride to work, and the personal loan puts a laptop in a student’s hand. The financial education taught today, and the support given to local community based organizations, becomes the difference for a family’s future. When you Create Good, it echoes through time.

Good can be that First Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit. Fair rates and terms on financing for that family-sized SUV or that weekend roadster is a good thing. So is helping you prepare for a comfortable retirement.

Good is when SCE FCU added its name to The Credit Union Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collective, a group of credit unions and credit union affiliated organizations committed to fighting against systemic racism and injustice. The CU DEI Collective calls on all members of the Credit Union Movement to their cooperative principles to create real, meaningful, transformative and sustained change.

Encouraging progress and embracing diversity are undeniably good. It's good to solve problems, volunteer, contribute and educate. Options, opportunities and assistance are very good things we offer.