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Managing Your Business

Run your business like a boss. Master day-to-day operations and prepare for success.

managing your business

Manage Your Finances

Accounting for revenue and expenses can help keep your business running smoothly.


Hire & Manage Employees

Establish a basic payroll structure to help you hire employees.


Pay Taxes

Your business will need to meet its federal, state, and local tax obligations to stay in good legal standing.

managing your business

Stay Legally Compliant

Keep your business compliant with state and federal business laws.



Buy Assets & Equipment

Your business will need special assets and equipment to succeed.



Marketing & Sales

Make a marketing plan to persuade consumers to buy your products or services, then decide how you’ll accept payment when it’s time to make a sale.

managing your business

Stay Safe from Cybersecurity Threats

Cyber attacks are a growing concern for small businesses.



Prepare for Emergencies

Disasters can take many forms and the financial cost of rebuilding after a disaster can be overwhelming.


Close or Sell Your Business

Create a thorough plan to transfer ownership, sell, or close your business.

managing your business

Hire Employees with Disabilities

Hiring individuals with disabilities can be a smart move for your business.


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