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SBA Application Checklist

SCE FCU works within current SBA guidelines. To assure your application meets these guidelines, we've provided a checklist of the documents needed to put together your loan package.


SBA Loan Application

To begin the process, you'll need to complete an SBA loan application.


SBA Form 912

To assess your eligibility, the SBA requires your personal background.


SBA Form 413

The SBA will need to assess your personal financial status.


Profit & Loss (P&L Statement)

This must be current within 90 days of your application. Also include supplementary schedules from the last 3 fiscal years.


Ownership & Affiliations

Include a list of names and addresses of any subsidiaries and affiliates, including concerns in which you hold a controlling interest and other concerns that may be affiliated by stock ownership, franchise, proposed merger, or otherwise with you.


Business Certificate/License

Your original business license or certificate of doing business.


Income Tax Returns

Include signed personal and business federal income tax returns of your business' principals for previous 3 years.



Include personal resumes for each principal.


Business Lease

Include a copy of your business lease, or note from your landlord, giving terms of proposed lease.


Purchasing an Existing Business

The following information is needed for purchasing an existing business:

  • Current balance sheet and P&L statement of business to be purchased
  • Previous 2 years federal income tax returns of the business
  • Proposed Bill of Sale including Terms of Sale
  • Asking price with schedule of inventory, machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures


Business Start Ups

In addition to the above forms and information, please also include:


Projected Financial Statements

Include a detailed business plan and 3-year projection of income and expenses