Account Administrator
Irwindale Corporate Offices
Family member since 2003

What do you do at the Credit Union? My daily tasks consist of opening new accounts and branch production reports. I also manage credit reports and update credit reports if needed or requested.

What do you like about working at the Credit Union? I like that it is a healthy work environment meaning the people you work with are friendly and willing to help. I like the team work that is encouraged throughout SCE FCU. I love our benefits and the opportunity to advance and learn due to the courses online that are available to all employees.

What’s your most memorable moment as a volunteer for the Foundation? I remember being involved with the Cancer Walk for the first time and realizing how many people this disease has affected. Talking to the people at the walk and listening to the stories around the track where the walk took place.

How did you come to be an employee with the Credit Union? A friend who was a member saw a posting for the position in Account Administration.

Would you recommend SCE FCU as an employer? Yes I most definitely would.