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Your account security is important to us! With Voice ID you can use your voice to verify your identity every time you call the Credit Union. It's a technology that analyzes over 100 unique vocal characteristics of your voice and adds a hard-to-imitate layer of security to your account. Unlike a password or a computer, fraudsters can't guess your voice to hack into your account.

voice id


Create your unique voiceprint next time you call us



Skip the authentication questions and quickly speak to one of our team members



Identity thieves can guess your passwords, but they can't replicate your voice

Enrolling is easy!

Next time you call SCE Credit Union, ask the team member to enroll you in Voice ID. We'll help capture your voiceprint and you'll be all set to begin using it on future calls.

Give us a call at 800.866.6474 to enroll today!

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