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EMV Chip Card FAQs

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EMV Chip Card FAQs


Chip (also known as EMV) is a technology designed to provide extra security for your credit and debit card transactions. The chip is actually a microprocessor and it contains the same information found in the magnetic strip on the back of traditional cards. However, the chip encrypts the data (in simple terms, it scrambles the information) from your transactions, making it more difficult for fraud to occur on your account.

Does a chip card look different?

Yes. On cards with chip technology, you'll see a small, metal rectangle on the front of the card, just above the first four digits of the card number.

Does my card still have a PIN?

Yes, your card still has a PIN for instances when you want to use it at the ATM or for cash advances. A new PIN will be mailed to you shortly after your new card is sent. For accounts with more than one cardholder, each person will be assigned their own unique PIN. At this time, you cannot choose a personalized PIN.

Will I still swipe my card to use it?

If the merchant is equipped for chip technology, you'll insert your card into a slot at the base of their terminal - and leave it inserted for several seconds as the transaction is verified. The terminal will indicate when you're able to remove your card. You'll then need to sign your receipt. If the merchant is not equipped for chip technology, you'll be able to utilize the magnetic strip on your card to complete your purchase as you normally would with your old card.

How will I know if a merchant has chip technology?

Simply look for the slot at the base of the terminal. If you don't see it, they likely are not yet chip-enabled.

Can I continue to use my non-chip SCE FCU card?

No. Please destroy your old card once your new chip card has been activated. Since your new card will feature the chip technology and also have the magnetic strip for merchants not chip-enabled, you'll be able to make purchases as easily as you always have.

Do I need to do anything if my card's expiration date and/or 3-digit security code has changed?

We recommend you notify any merchants with whom you have recurring bill pay of your new information, to ensure no payments are delayed or missed.

Can I use my new chip card anywhere?

Chip technology is used across the United States and in many other countries. Since your card still has a magnetic strip, you'll be able to use it anywhere Visa is accepted, whether or not the merchant is chip-enabled.


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