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  • nphy logo

    On any given night, there’s an estimated 13,000 homeless youth in Southern Nevada, some alone, some with family members, living beneath underpasses, in parks, alleys, in cars. They’re the reason the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY) exists.

  • building skills partnership logo

    Whether it’s navigating the naturalization process, becoming fluent in English, or even cultivating computer skills, Building Skills Partnership and its partners provide the necessary assistance.

  • Youth Advocate Program logo

    A child’s future can often be predicted by their current circumstances unless someone steps in. Youth Advocate Programs steps up.

  • PUENTE Learning Center logo

    PUENTE Learning Center is a place that helps children develop a love of learning. It’s a place that encourages education at any age.

  • Academy of Finance Logo saying Est. 1997 Academy of Finance Business as Usual

    The Academy of Finance is a magnet program at Clark High School. It is It’s essentially a school within a school which serves about 130 students.  The students are from neighborhoods across the Las Vegas region, the majority from minority families. They apply to attend and are rigorously challenged by a curriculum designed to prepare them for college and a career.

  • Nevada Partners Logo

    Our community outreach program focuses on organizations that empower the underserved with tangible opportunities. Nevada Partners is one such organization.