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Money Making Ideas for Youth

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Money Making Ideas for Youth


No more homework, no more books...for most kids Summer Break means sleeping in, swimsuits and sunscreen. It also means extra time to try new things and make some money. Whether it’s finding a part-time job or starting their own money-making venture, summertime is a great time to try it.

The Center for Financial Empowerment, the nonprofit founded by SCE Credit Union, knows most teens don’t see a need to learn financial literacy skills until they actually have money of their own to manage. So helping youth find ways to make money is an important part of helping them learn about money early – and learning early changes lives!

Some kids are naturally driven to get creative, hustle and make their own money. Others are more “work resistant” and may need a little push from mom and dad. In either case, they’re going to need some assistance from parents to know what money-making opportunities are available to them. We’ve included a list we like, with some old standards and a few fresh, new ones.

  • Mowing lawns & gardening
  • Golf caddy at the local golf course
  • Tutoring for younger kids
  • Babysitting/Mom Assistant (check out the American Red Cross online certification course)
  • Sports Referee for kids’ leagues
  • Day Camp counselor
  • Pet walking/care 

 Believe it or not, there’s a great market right now for “helper” type of work older kids and teens can provide. Got a tech-savvy kid? He could offer to be a Technology Assistant to “technology-challenged” adults. Is your teen good with little ones? Think of all the parents that need to have supervision for their kids for a few hours while they’re working from home. 

There are plenty of other ways teens can turn “helping” into money-making jobs, such as:

  • Furniture assembly
  • House projects like painting, window washing, organizing a garage or cleaning out a storage closet
  • Party Host help like setup, cleanup, serving, and kid entertaining at summer birthday parties and backyard barbecues
  • Organize people’s vacation or special event photos into a digital scrapbook or slideshow 
  • Clean people’s campers and RVs after they return from camping
  • Clean rain gutters

Kids can also make money by selling items online, although they may need a parent’s participation. Crafts, jewelry, baked goods and more – the sky’s the limit! Since these types of ventures require some up-front investment, they’re a good way to learn the fundamental concepts of business.

One of the best things kids today have going for them is being able to advertise their money-making services on social media. With a parent’s help, they can let everyone know what they’re doing to earn money. Use your smartphone to make a quick video and increase your chances of getting business! 

There are so many ways for kids and teens to make money, it just takes some creativity and good ol’ hard work. Both are good things to develop in today’s youth. Just make sure their side hustle or job is paired with training on how to save, spend and give so those healthy money skills are established early.


Help us empower the next generation for financial success! 

The Center for Financial Empowerment is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower disadvantaged youth through financial literacy education. Find out more about our work at