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Summer has us thinking about a vacation. A vacation in 2019. Why next year? Because if you put our Vacation Club to work for you now, you’ll be ready for beaches, ocean view balconies, scrumptious food and room service this same time next year!

Wherever you’ll want to go, whatever you’ll want to do, a great way to save up the money for a fabulous vacation is by making it automatic. Once you begin automatic deposits from your paycheck or automatic transfers from your SCE FCU account into your Vacation Club account, you won’t need to give it another thought. If it sounds a lot like our Holiday Club account, that’s because it is! But instead of getting you ready to wrap presents, this account gets you ready for relaxation or adventure or whatever you have in mind! On June 1st you’ll have all the money you’ve deposited plus the dividends you’ve earned.

Take our advice; our Vacation Club is an effective and effortless way to save for your next getaway. It’s easy to set up your Vacation Club account. Talk to us at any branch or give us a call today!