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    After two years of dealing with wave after wave of the coronavirus pandemic, you may have felt like splurging on yourself or your family during the holidays was warranted. Or perhaps you purchased lots of small gifts for loved ones that ultimately added up to larger amounts than you anticipated.

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    A balance transfer card can be a great tool if used correctly. These cards can help you claw out from behind a high-interest card that’s made your debt feel insurmountable. Here are some steps to take if you’re considering a balance transfer card.

  • stack of credit cards

    “No credit? No problem” ads are everywhere, and predatory lenders often lurk in their shadows. Unfortunately, such appealing ads make it tough to recognize bad actors as they lure unsuspecting victims into their dark web of a downward debt spiral.

  • front view of a house

    If you’re hoping to buy a house in 2022, you’re probably watching the market closely. Interest rates are on the rise. And home prices have climbed at a record pace in 2021. Does that mean it’s a bad time to buy a house?

  • man holding credit report

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    When errors crop up on your credit report, here’s how to ask for a correction

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    Perform this five-point inspection to help keep your retirement plan’s motor running smoothly

  • coins in a jar marked emergency

    An emergency fund is a specific amount of money you set aside for periods of uncertainty or suffering. One such period is the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people didn’t even know about emergency funds and their significance until the pandemic struck. Then, they realized because disasters can strike anytime, preparedness is crucial. Unfortunately, many people weren’t prepared for the financial implications that came with the pandemic.

  • woman shopping on phone

    You’ve been searching for a very popular squishy stuffed animal that’s sold out or on backorder everywhere. Then, an ad pops up on Facebook or Instagram, offering the very toy you’ve been trying to track down. Or maybe the item appears on an auction site with a much lower than expected “buy it now” price. Did you just win the holiday lottery? Probably not.

  • diamond ring in heart shaped box

    In 2020, the average cost of an engagement ring was $5,500.1 Of course, many couples spend much more. The possibility of losing such a meaningful and expensive possession may be hard to consider, but it happens. And homeowners or renters insurance might not provide enough protection to replace a fine piece of jewelry or other expensive item that’s lost or stolen.

  • groceries in basket

    If you’ve been to the grocery store recently, you may’ve experienced a bit of sticker shock. With prices on the rise, many families find it increasingly difficult to afford the staples they need. In the face of all this uncertainty, it has never been more important to save money where you can.