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  • statement inserts - blog image

    Statement Inserts

    Noviembre 01, 2019 | Statements

    Here are your monthly statement inserts. In addition to these items, each statement also includes your monthly disclosures.

  • Vacation Club

    Vacation Club

    Julio 01, 2018 | Tips

    Summer has us thinking about a vacation. A vacation in 2019. Why next year? Because if you put our Vacation Club to work for you now, you’ll be ready for beaches, ocean view balconies, scrumptious food and room service this same time next year!

  • A Note from Dan - Summer 2018

    Dear Members,

    Those who learn what I do and where I work will sometimes ask, “When’s a good time to buy a home?”  That question is always an interesting one. They say timing is everything, but we don’t all follow the same beat. I usually respond with a question of my own, “Are you ready to?”

    Ask a friend when a good time to buy a home is, and they might say, “Now!” Ask them why and they’ll probably tell you because prices are on the rise and interest rates are heading up.

  • Stay Connected!

    Stay Connected!

    Julio 01, 2018 | Tips

    Vacations are a great time to unplug and get away, but it’s important to still be able to keep tabs on your finances. In fact, it may help you relax knowing you can stay connected to your SCE FCU accounts from just about anywhere. So prepare to unwind, because we’ve got you covered!

    Fight fraud from wherever you are with our CardNav app for SCE FCU debit cards and our SecurLock app for SCE FCU credit cards. They allow you to turn your cards on and off, monitor spending, set alerts, and more.

  • A Time of Giving AND Receiving for the CFE

    Nonprofit of the Year!

    Non-profit of the yearWe’re tremendously excited to share with you that the Center for Financial Empowerment (the CFE),  which SCE FCU founded in 2005, was named a Nonprofit of the Year at the annual Nonprofits Day luncheon in Sacramento on June 6th.

  • Smooth Sailing: Boat Safety & Insurance

    According to the U.S. Coast Guard, there are almost 12 million registered recreational water vessels. Though accidents are relatively rare considering there are so many boats on the nation’s waterways, they’re still a serious risk. The Coast Guard recorded 4,463 recreational boating accidents in 2016, resulting in 701 deaths, 2,903 injuries, and approximately $49 million in property damage.1

    Before you hit the water, make sure you have appropriate insurance coverage and follow safe boating practices. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Follow Along!

    Follow Along!

    Julio 01, 2018 | Tips

    Have some fun and stay up to date on a wide variety of interesting community events and SCE FCU happenings by following us on social media. From fashion to food, from holidays to home improvements, from financial tips to important notices, we’ve got you covered. Follow us on social media, so you’ll be in the know when you need to know!

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  • SecurLOCK Equip FAQs

    SecurLOCK Equip FAQs

    Agosto 01, 2017 | Tips

    SecurLOCKTM Equip offers features that give you ultimate control - and peace of mind. It allows you to control from your smartphone how / where / when your SCE FCU credit cards are being used. Turn your cards on or off with the touch of a button. Set location based controls. Block international transactions or set spending limits.

  • Have Home, Will Travel - Protecting Your RV

    Have Home, Will Travel

    Julio 01, 2017 | Tips

    Protecting Your RV

    American families own a record 9 million recreational vehicles, and that number is likely to grow as more adventurers opt for a “home on wheels” as a way to relax and see the country. In the first five months of 2016, about 186,000 RVs were shipped to dealers, an increase of more than 10% over the same period in 2015.1

  • College Scholarships for Five Deserving Young Adults

    The Center for Financial Empowerment (CFE) – has awarded a total of $15,000 to three college-bound high school seniors and two currently enrolled college students!