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Tasa de Dividendos1% De Rendimiento Anual (PRA)2Frecuencia de Interés CompuestoSaldo MínimoCargo Anual
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Tasa de Dividendos<sup>1</sup>: 
% De Rendimiento Anual (PRA)<sup>2</sup>: 
Frecuencia de Interés Compuesto: 
Saldo Mínimo: 

1Rates subject to change without notice. 2The APY is based on the assumption that the minimum balance and other requirements will be met. Your statement will show the actual Annual Percentage Yield Earned (APYE). This may be different from the APY if the conditions are different from the above assumptions. Dividends are calculated on the Daily Balance Method from all accounts. Early withdrawal is subject to penalty on all certificates. Business Accounts are not eligible for Relationship Pricing.