Get Ready for Life at Mad City Money!

May 20, 2014 | In The Community

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The Center has reserved 40 participant tickets for SCE FCU youth at our upcoming Mad City Money event!

WHEN:       Saturday, May 31, 2014  9am-Noon
WHERE:     Duarte High School Gymnasium
WHO:        Teens & young adults ages 15-21

Mad City Money delivers a dose of financial reality to teens and young adults in a fun, interactive format. It's a hands-on learning activity that lets young people experience what it's like to live and support a family in the real world.

In Mad City, participants have a job, income and the freedom to make their own choices. Armed with a checkbook and debit card, they purchase housing, transportation, food, clothing, household goods and more. There's even a mall for the "extras" they want. The Credit Union has a branch in town too, and is there to provide guidance. Participants gain a valuable new perspective that helps them appreciate what they have, and inspires them to prepare for the future.

Do you know a teen that can benefit from this activity?

Tickets are only $5 - and your ticket price is fully refundable when your teen checks in at the event.


Don't miss this opportunity to give a teen a helpful dose of reality!