SCE Federal Credit Union Offers Advice on Protecting Your Mobile Phone from Malware

Oct 17, 2012 | Tips

People use their mobile phones for almost everything, including mobile banking. Accordingly, SCE Federal Credit Union now offers Deposit Anywhere, which allows members to securely deposit checks into their account right from their Android or iPhone.

The proliferations of using smart phones for web browsing and email has hackers focusing their efforts on creating programs to attack mobile operating systems. Cell phone malware, or malicious software, can hack into your email and send spam to all of your contacts, erase important files and calendar entries, as well as hijack your phone's camera.

SCE Federal Credit Union offers several tips from the Internet Crime Complaint Center on how to prevent attacks.


  • If your phone offers encryption, use it to protect your personal data (like passwords you enter on websites) in the case it’s lost or stolen.
  • Always use the pass code and screen lock options on your phone. This is the first layer of physical security for your device
  • Don’t store any of your passwords on your mobile phone. By doing so, you make your personal information, such as a mobile banking account, easily accessible to hackers.
  • Be wary about using the geo-location option, because this track’s your whereabouts at all times. Hackers use this information against you and it opens you up to assisting stalkers and burglars.
  • Don’t connect to unknown wireless networks. A hacker can gain access to your device via these networks.
  • If you sell or trade your device, make sure you wipe the phone clean by resetting it to the factory default.
  • Upgrade your phone’s operating system as often as possible. You increase the risk of hackers infiltrating your device by using the older operating system.
  • Don’t download software or links from unknown sources.
  • When downloading apps, make sure the developer/company is reputable.
  • Think of your mobile device as an extension of your computer and use the same precautions when using the Internet. Remember to always log out from websites in which you must sign on with a password to view.


SCE Federal Credit Union wants you to remember that the best defense against hackers is to be vigilant with your mobile device by being informed on the newest malicious software trends and taking the necessary steps to protect against them.