Planning for Life Changes in 2015

Jan 01, 2015 | Tips

planning for 2015

Is your insurance adequate for your 2015 life changes? The Smith family experienced sticker shock when their son began driving. While they knew adding a teen driver would cost more, they didn’t realize how much more. Make sure your insurance policies match your life changes...

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Tips to Cut Car Insurance Costs

Oct 01, 2014 | Tips


Car insurance can be a pain in the neck to understand, but failing to do so can cost you big bucks. Not all policies are the same across the board, and small changes can equate to big savings. The New Year is almost here, so it’s time for a year-end review of your auto insurance policy...

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How Much Do You Need to Retire? Let's Calculate!

Oct 01, 2014 | Tips


Calculating a retirement savings goal is one of the most important steps investors can take to help determine if they are on pace to meet that goal. However, most American workers haven't tried to figure out how much money they will need to accumulate for retirement. What about you?


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FBI Holiday Shopping Tips

Nov 28, 2013 | Tips

The FBI reminds holiday shoppers to beware of cyber criminals who are out to steal money and personal information. Scammers use many techniques to defraud consumers, from phishing e-mails offering too good to be true deals on brand-name merchandise to offering quick cash to victims...


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SCE Federal Credit Union Offers Advice on Protecting Your Mobile Phone from Malware

Oct 17, 2012 | Tips

People use their mobile phones for almost everything, including mobile banking. Accordingly, SCE Federal Credit Union now offers Deposit Anywhere, which allows members to securely deposit checks into their account right from their Android or iPhone...

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SCE Federal Credit Union Debit Card Do's and Don'ts

Jul 24, 2012 | Tips

A debit card is an excellent tool to keep cash at your fingertips without carrying around a stack of Benjamins, but when used incorrectly, debit cards leave you susceptible to identity theft, fraud and ATM withdrawal fees...

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SCE Federal Credit Union's Financial Fitness Checklist

Jul 17, 2012 | Tips

Considering that US consumer debt topped $11.4 trillion in 2011, it's no surprise that many people are unable or unsure how to flex their financial muscles. For that reason, SCE Federal Credit Union has created a financial fitness checklist to help consumers get in financial shape...

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SCE Federal Credit Union Protects Members from Scammers, Hackers and Identity Thieves

Jul 12, 2012 | Tips

Every year close to nine million Americans have their identities stolen, according to the Federal Trade Commission. SCE Federal Credit Union wants to help you avoid becoming one of them...

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SCE Federal Credit Union Provides the 1, 2, 3s of Mortgage Refinancing

Jul 09, 2012 | Tips

If the turbulent Los Angeles county housing market – with home values dipping as much as 45 percent since 2006 – has ou confused about refinancing, you've come to the right place. Credit unions are lending a helping hand. Banks continue to tighten their lending practices after offering sub-prime loans...

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SCE Federal Credit Union Takes Financial Fear Out of Planning Your Next Vacation

Jul 02, 2012 | Tips

Americans logged 1.5 billion leisure trips and averaged 14 vacation days in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. How did they prepare for their excursions. "There are reams of information on the Internet about every tupe of vacation...

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