SCE Federal Credit Union Protects Members from Scammers, Hackers and Identity Thieves

Jul 12, 2012 | Tips

Every year close to nine million Americans have their identities stolen, according to the Federal Trade Commission. SCE Federal Credit Union wants to help you avoid becoming one of them.

Thieves are constantly looking for new ways to steal personal information – such as your name and Social Security or credit card numbers – to commit fraud or other crimes. That's why it's important to be vigilant about protecting your personal information, financial or otherwise, and looking for early warning signs of a stolen identity.

SCE Federal Credit Union helps minimize your risk for identity theft

SCE Federal Credit Union recommends you take the following precautionary measures to help protect from becoming an identity crime victim:

Create secure online passwords

One of the easiest ways for people to access your information is through online accounts that may contain saved personal information like your name, credit card or debit card numbers. Using unique, complex passwords for each of your online accounts helps protect your identity. The best passwords generally contain a selection of numbers, letters and special characters.

Use the Itnernet with caution

Online shopping and entertainment sites, like Amazon and Netflix, are extremely popular and easy to use. However, enjoying the benefits of these sites can also leave you vulnerable to online scammers and identity thieves. Hackers regularly visit these large online businesses – many of which do not encrypt all of their customer's personal information – to acquire potential targets. To learn how to better safeguard your personal and financial information online, visit

Keep important documents safe

Documents like your Social Security card and passport can provide crucial information for someone seeking to commit fraud, so don't leave a paper trail of financial records. Credit card bills, bank statements, charge receipts and any other documents of this nature should be filed safely or shredded before put in the trash. 

Monitor all of your financial and personal information carefully

Be sure to frequently check for anything out of the ordinary, such as:

  • Unauthorized charges on yoru checking account. SCE Federal Credit Union's online banking service enables you to access your account statements at anytime and set-up email alerts for account-related events, like overdrawn accounts
  • Not receiving credit card or checking account statements in the mail on time
  • Agencies trying to collect on debts that you didn't incur
  • New, unauthorized accounts on your credit report


Talk to an SCE Federal Credit Union representative at one of our branches in the Los Angeles or Las Vegas areas today to learn more about these programs and see how they can benefit you. If you suspect your finanical information may be compromised, check out SCE Federal Credit Union's list of steps to take to prevent further damage.