Director of Business Banking
Irwindale Corporate Offices
Family member since 2006

What do you do at the Credit Union? I manage our Business Banking department developing networks, resources, and relationships with our local businesses and our business members.

What do you like about working at the Credit Union? The support and encouragement that I have received from everyone here at SCE FCU is really inspirational. I succeed because my team believes in me.

How did you come to be an employee with the Credit Union? I had read about the innovative and philanthropic endeavors of SCE FCU throughout the years while employed at other credit unions. When I attended conferences I heard about their creativity and their passions… often first hand from an SCE FCU executive or board member. So when I relocated to Southern California in 2006 and started looking for a position available at a credit union I respected SCE FCU was at the top of the list… and I lucked out, they had a Branch Manager positions available.

Would you recommend SCE FCU as an employer? I would absolutely recommend SCE FCU as an employer, but only if you’re passionate about helping people, if you like innovative thinking, and if you’re not complacent… because we’re always striving to be better than we were yesterday.