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Sep 15, 2011 | CU at the Wheel

A few months ago, our member Araceli took advantage of the CU at the Wheel car buying experience. She wanted to trade in her SUV for something a little more stylish. We set up several test drives of various makes and models, and she fell in love with a black 2011 Lexus IS250F Sport.

Recently, Araceli called with the sad news that she and her beautiful new car were involved in an accident. Fortunately, Araceli walked away with only minor bruises and a bit of whiplash, but the Lexus didn’t fare as well. Never having been in an accident before, she was devastated and the car was a total loss.

Araceli still needed to file her insurance claim, but wanted us to start working on a replacement vehicle. She wanted the exact same make, model and color. Yes, she loved it that much.

As always, we’re here to help!

But first, we gave Araceli some helpful tips on filing her insurance claim to help expedite the process:

Get the police report as soon as possible
The insurance company will eventually receive a copy, but delivering it yourself can assist the claims adjustor in processing your claim a bit faster. This is a win-win for you and the busy adjustor.


Keep your original window sticker… always!
Providing the original sticker offers the adjustor additional information they may not otherwise have. Without it, base price is usually all they'll pay.


GAP insurance provided by your Credit Union is always a good idea.
If the insurance money is not enough to cover the full amount owed on the loan, GAP insurance will pick up the difference.

It took a couple of weeks, but the insurance company paid Araceli's loan off and then some. Great news! We immediately got on the phone and had her new vehicle delivered the next day… another black 2011 Lexus IS250F Sport!

Araceli said, "CU at the Wheel has been the easiest and greatest car buying experience. I would recommend it to everyone. SCE FCU is awesome to work with, very professional and courteous."

It’s our pleasure to have been there when Araceli needed us. Always remember that we’re here for you, too!