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Splash Safely in the Pool

Jul 01, 2016 | Tips

girl in swimming pool with thumbs up

A backyard swimming pool can be a fun way to cool off with family & friends during the hot summer months. However, spas & swimming pools can pose a serious danger to people of any age, especially young children.

Each year, almost 400 children under age 15 drown in pools and spas in the US, and more than 5,000 sustain pool-related injuries that require emergency treatment. More than 75% of these deaths and injuries involve children...

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How to Work with a Financial Advisor

Jul 01, 2016 | Tips

man with arms behind his head

No matter what your level of investment experience or sophistication, you may benefit from developing a relationship with a financial advisor. Why? Because a qualified financial advisor is trained to analyze your personal financial situation and prepare a program designed to help you address your financial goals and objectives.

Financial advisors are often trained as accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, or stockbrokers — all professions that have a relationship to different aspects of your financial well-being...

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New Partnership Will Reach More Youth

Jul 01, 2016 | In The Community

It’s no secret that teens need to learn smart money skills before they hit the financial pitfalls of adulthood. Without this important training, youth are left to navigate the maze of spending and credit on their own. A few missteps can cost them dearly for years.

For ten years the Center for Financial Empowerment has fought to save young people from destructive money mistakes by delivering financial literacy training in classrooms at schools in disadvantaged communities...

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Almost as good as man's best friend!

Jun 01, 2016 | Special Offers

visa promo

2.9% intro APR through September 2017 on all activity within the first 90 days of card opening
& NO FEES on balance transfers and cash advances during those first 90 days!

Choose from our tail-waggin Visa Platinum or Visa Platinum Rewards...

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Sign up for eStatements for a chance to win!

May 01, 2016 | Special Offers

estatements promo

If you're currently receiving paper statements, sign up for eStatements and not only will you receive your statements quickly and securely, you'll get a chance at one of ten $100 gift cards! Already have eStatements? You're already entered to win! Log in to Online Banking and make the switch by June 30, 2016. Don't have Online Banking?...

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2015 SCE FCU Annual Report

Apr 14, 2016 | Annual Reports

2015 annual report

Partnering with you on the road to success. Whatever your road, we're here for you. What is success? Success can be defined in a multitude of ways - and so much depends on perspective. Having a credit rating in the 800s; following a plan to recover from bankruptcy; erasing all debt; choosing to take on debt to purchase a first home...

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Home Equity Line of Credit...

Apr 01, 2016 | Special Offers

heloc promo

With a Home Equity Line of Credit from SCE FCU you'll have the extra money to make home improvements, pay for school, take a vacation, consolidate highter interestest debit, or simply pay off a few bills - with possible tax advantages...

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