Real Estate Underwriter
Irwindale Corporate Offices
Family member since 1992

What do you do at the Credit Union? My journey began 18 years ago with SCE FCU. At the time I was very young and quite eager to start moving forward with my future. I started out at our Irwindale Office, on Durbin at that time as the receptionist. I was the smiley face you saw when you walked in the door... 18 years ago. We have evolved over the last 18 years, and continue to strive for the best we can be.

I embraced the company and what I had to offer as an energetic, enthusiastic, compassionate individual. After six months as receptionist, I was promoted to MSR. At that time, this was our Member Service Representatives. We did it all... Opened accounts, served as the phone center, assisted members in the branch. This was an opportunity that I enjoyed for 3 years.

Then came loans... Loans, loans, loans. One stop shop, is what we called it. You could open an account then take a loan application all with the same person. We had come a long way. From car loans to boat loans to RV's, we did it all. Oh and a blue book on an RV. Quite challenging! This was a destination in my journey that I did for 4 years.

Now the best...for myself, Real Estate. I started in the Real Estate Department 11 years ago. This is home. We are quite used to doing loans for home improvements, bill consolidation, new cars and the lists goes on. In Real Estate we see a bit of everything. Each member need is different and unique. We work together with the FSC's to accommodate the needs of each individual.

With the change in the Economy over the last few years, this has impacted our department. We have seen the need to work with our members to keep them in their homes. Modifications on our 1st and 2nd Mortgage's have opened up a whole new door. It is quite rewarding to go home at the end of the day and say, you contributed in keeping a family in their home.

What do you like about working at the Credit Union? Our goal at SCE FCU is people helping people. This is exhibited on a daily basis, whether it's from one of our employee's to a member or from employee to employee. We are here to help our members and move forward as a company. But at the same time this is done with caring, kind, well trained individuals to meet the needs of our members. Whether a member is looking to open a checking account or apply for a Mortgage loan, the service is excellent.

We are a family... The compassion that is demonstrated daily between peers is priceless. I have my own personal angel, working with me in Real Estate. We work as a team. Team work is definitely needed to move forward and keep your balance. Whether it's here at work or with your family.

What’s your most memorable moment as a volunteer for the Foundation? Our Company is amazing at volunteering! The enthusiasm from employees is great!

For myself my most memorable moment is taking my children to the Los Angeles Arboretum to assist in packaging food boxes for Christmas. I took my 15 year old son, 13 year old son and 8 year old daughter. The event was remarkable. We were all there to do the same thing, help a family in need. You never know at some point in your life you may be that family that needs a caring heart. My family loved and embraced the opportunity to make one day a little easier for a family. We had shopping carts and went round and round filling boxes, until thousands were full.

This was priceless.

How did you come to be an employee with the Credit Union? Michele in Electronic Services... Bless her! She referred me to the Credit Union for the receptionist position. Pat Mitas interviewed me... This was so long ago. 18 years has gone by so fast. I have grown with our organization and personally.

Life takes you in all different directions. We have speed bumps, curves and sometimes things don't always go our way. But when you have an employer that truly has your best interest in mind along with the organizations, you can do wonders.

Would you recommend SCE FCU as an employer? If you are looking for an employer to move forward with, SCE FCU is for you.

You must definitely posses a motivated, eager to learn, adaptable, caring, kind compassionate demeanor. These characteristics are definitely a plus.

Our benefits are also a added bonus. We have excellent health care coverage, 401k benefits, wellness benefits available, paid vacation and the list goes on.

Looking forward to meeting you.