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Financial Basics


Are you stressed about money? Don't worry... you're not alone and help is available! This program will help you understand key financial concepts and make better decisions related to managing your money.

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Credit Cards

Explore how credit cards work, how to compare offers, how to pay off a balance and about your consumer rights.


Checking Accounts

Learn how checking account features work so you can choose the account that best fits your needs.


Credit Scores & Reports

Learn the importance of your credit score, ways to protect it and factors that impact your credit score.

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Build Emergency Savings

Explore ways to change your daily spending habits and build emergency savings over time.



Learn about savings account options and how to develop habits to help meet your financial goals.


Payday Loans

Learn how payday loans work and what regulations are in place to protect consumers' interests.

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Mobile Payments

Learn about mobile payment options and factors you need to be aware of when using them.


Prepaid Cards

Explore the benefits and costs of prepaid cards, and understand regulations that protect consumers' interests.




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Monthly Budget Tool

Explore your monthly fixed and flexible expenses, and identify areas for additional saving.


Emergency Savings

Discover recommendations for how much to maintain in an emergency fund for events such as a job loss or minor emergencies.