Switch Your Accounts to SCE FCU

Switch Your Personal Accounts to SCE FCU

This checklist helps you organize the things you need to do when switching your relationship to SCE FCU. Follow these simple steps and you’ll begin to reap the advantages of membership.

Open Your Account

  1. Open an account at SCE FCU
    • Apply in person, or by mail
  2. Set up direct deposit to your SCE FCU checking account
    • Use our Direct Deposit Request form and provide the completed form to your workplace Human Resources department to have your paycheck deposited directly to your SCE FCU account (some organizations require their own form or method of direct deposit request)
  3. Enroll in Free Online Banking, free eStatements, free Bill Payment, and free eAlerts
  4. Switch your automatic withdrawals to be deducted from your SCE FCU account
    • Just give your billers your SCE FCU account and routing number (322280032) when you make the request
  5. Switch your higher rate loans and credit cards to SCE FCU

Close Your Old Accounts

  1. Stop using your old account, but leave enough money in it to cover outstanding checks or withdrawals
  2. When all outstanding checks have cleared and all automatic withdrawals have been switched to SCE FCU, close your old account. Check with your prior financial institution to see if they require any specific forms to close your account. If you need any form notarized, you can get that done at any SCE FCU location at no cost

Congratulations on switching to SCE FCU!