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Money Mammals Kids Club

Kids 11 & under will learn to share, save and spend smart!

It's part of a solid education. Teaching financial skills to children is as vital as schoolwork and will pay large dividends throughout adulthood. SCE FCU invests in this worthwhile effort by offering our youngest members the opportunity to start saving money through our Money Mammals Kids Club.

Saving money can be fun!

We'll help your kids get there with:

Money Mammals Kids Club

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Kids Club Welcome Packet

Get acquainted with the Money Mammals. Our club welcome packet includes a Membership Certificate, Savings Account Passbook, a Savings Jar, Savings Reward Card and more to get them started.

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Savings Reward Card

Earn prizes - just for saving! For every deposit of at least ten dollars, kids will receive a punch on their Rewards Punch Card. When they get four punches, they'll get to pick a prize from the Treasure Chest!

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Birthday in the Branch

Come celebrate your little Money Mammal's birthday with us! Parents can RSVP to bring their child to one of our branches where they'll receive a small birthday treat. It's a great opportunity to deposit that birthday cash from Aunt Judy. And... Joe the Monkey may even make an appearance!

Birthday in the Branch RSVP

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Savings Goals

Setting a savings goal is one of the biggest lessons for all of us. To help get your kids started in the right direction early, we give them prizes when their savings account reaches $200, $350, $500 and $1,000.1

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Fun Games & Music Videos

The Money Mammals believe learning should always be a good time! Our Money Mammals kids will receive a quarterly newsletter by mail, filled with games and smart saving lessons. Plus, they have free access to the Money Mammals Club website full of online games and apps.

Explore the Money Mammals Club website 

$mart Quests

Play multiple games and watch videos to earn $mart Quest Badges.

$mart Quests