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    Report of the Chair and CEO


    The numbers tell us 2019 was a solid year. An increase of just over $18 million in business loans and nearly $6 million in personal loans led to an overall increase in our portfolio. Checking, Savings, IRAs and Certificates all showed growth, adding approximately $30 million to our deposit shares, a boost of nearly 5%. We closed out 2019 with over $728 million in assets, and just under 61,000 members.

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    Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    Registration 5:30pm, Annual Meeting 6:00pm

  • 66 years of service


    Yes, what started small 66 years ago has come a long way. To help illustrate how things have changed over the years, we asked our longest term team member, Patricia Mitas, to share memories with us from her Credit Union career that began nearly 42 years ago...

  • 2017 SCE FCU Annual Report

    65 Years of Trust

    Our mission is to improve the lives of our members, our communities and our team.

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    Members, the Community, our Team... Working Together

    At SCE FCU, our mandate of "People Helping People" comes through in our focus: our members, our community, and our team at the Credit Union.

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    What is success?

    Success can be defined in a multitude of ways – and so much depends on perspective.

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    One person at a time... one step at a time

    Many people still are unaware of what a credit union is. And for those who do, a large number of them believe that only people who work for certain companies are able to open an account – and that is simply not true.

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    SCE FCU 2013 Annual Report

    April 10, 2014 |

    Modern Technology with Good Old-fashioned Service

    At SCE Federal Credit Union, it actually goes beyond this. We do not have customers, we have members. Every single person who has an account with us is an owner of the Credit Union.

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    SCE FCU 2012 Annual Report

    April 18, 2013 |

    We’re passionate about providing members with surprisingly good service and the appropriate products and services to meet their specific needs. In 2012, our financial “tool box” expanded to include:

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    SCE FCU 2011 Annual Report

    April 12, 2012 |

    For a second consecutive year, SCE FCU benefited from the ingenuity, determination, effort and loyalty of members, volunteers, and staff to address the challenges in this tough economic environment and maximize the value for all who have a stake in the success of their Credit Union.