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Are RVs More Economical Than Hotels?

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Are RVs More Economical Than Hotels?


More and more travel bloggers, and real-life couples and families are dipping their toes in the recreational vehicle craze.

But is RV life really that much cheaper than driving your own car and staying in a hotel? Or is it just a cool thing to do? Here are some trip factors to consider as you make this travel decision.


The number of people

Some hotels allow you to squeeze four people into a hotel room, which might work to decrease costs, especially if you snag a hotel deal. However, if you have five or more people, an RV might be your most cost-friendly option. There are multiple RV sizes you can choose from, which will allow you to avoid paying double (two rooms instead of one room) at a hotel.

The location

Is your destination remote or well populated? Will traveling in an RV allow you better access to your destination? What’s the closest hotel to your destination?

The distance

The more miles you log, the more money you have to spend on gas. Consider how gas efficient your car or RV is, as well as the vehicle maintenance costs.

Travel rewards

Are you able to pay for hotel nights with rewards from travel credit cards or hotel credit cards? Perks like free nights, free breakfast and more can offset lodging expenses.

Bottom line: If you’re paying for several nights of hotel stays and meals for five or more people, RV travel might be a more affordable option.