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Are Your Kids Sharing, Saving & Spending Smart

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Are Your Kids Sharing, Saving & Spending Smart


You teach them their ABCs...

You teach them to eat right...

You teach them good manners...

Now, teach your kids something just as important... the value of money!

We know you've spent considerable time thinking about your children's ability to make smart money choices when they're older - and rightfully so. Debt is an epidemic that plagues today's society - an average of $2,879 and climbing for every American!

But as you've probably experienced, teaching your children the skills they need to be in control of their finances as adults is not always easy to do, because:

Are Your Kids Sharing, Saving & Spending Smart

Your own money mistakes might color your advice

Knowing how early to start talking about money isn't always clear

Their desires for the things they want often overtake the need to make smart choices

Money isn't always an easy topic to make fun

That's why we have the Money Mammals Kids Club!

It's not just a savings account for kids... it's an entire award-winning system that makes it fun and easy for kids as young as two or three to begin learning real smart money skills they'll use for the rest of their lives. And it does so through things that kids already love, like... apps, games, books, videos and more!

The Money Mammals program is totally free. All the games, apps, and activities are included. Just bring your child into an SCE FCU branch to open their Youth Savings Account. It only takes $5 to open the account and the fun begins!

Visit our Money Mammals page for more information and fun!