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CA COVID-19 Rent Relief

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CA COVID-19 Rent Relief


Now Covering 100% of Rent and Utilities for Income-Eligible Renters and Landlords

The State of California has increased funding for income-eligible renters and their landlords who've been impacted by COVID-19 to cover 100% of unpaid and future rent or utilities. This increase in rental assistance payments to 100% of unpaid rent will help make landlords whole and keep tenants housed. You can verify your eligibility for the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program and apply immediately by visiting, or by calling 833.430.2122. Additionally, if you're an applicant who has already received funding through the program, you'll be compensated the difference to receive 100% coverage – there is no need to re-apply!

California’s critical eviction protections have also been extended for renters impacted by COVID-19, through September 30, 2021, to help keep vulnerable families housed.


Who can apply?

who can apply

If you're an income-eligible renter, you can apply on your own and receive financial assistance for unpaid rent, dating back to April 1, 2020, or help with future payments, even if your landlord doesn’t participate.

If you're an income-eligible renter whose landlord does participate in the program, you'll need to complete the joint application. Once your landlord applies, you'll be notified to submit information to complete the application process.

Landlords If you're a landlord and participate in the COVID-19 Rent Relief program, you can get reimbursed directly for 100% of your eligible renters’ unpaid rent, dating back to April 1, 2020.

What help can you get?

Assistance is available for 100% of unpaid rent and utilities, dating back to April 1, 2020, as well as future rent and utility payments. Utility payments will be paid directly to utility providers at 100% of cost, but are limited to a total of 12 months.

What else should you know?

The application process has been significantly simplified. It now takes less time to complete, requires less paperwork to be uploaded, and offers helpful tips throughout the application.

Assistance from the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program does NOT count as earned income for renters and will NOT affect eligibility for any other California state benefit assistance programs, such as CalFresh and CalWORKS. All applicant information is kept private and won't be shared. Income-eligible applicants may qualify regardless of immigration status and won't be required to show proof of citizenship.

How to apply

To check eligibility and apply, visit or call 833.430.2122. Once your application has been processed, you'll be notified about your application status and next steps. If you need assistance in another language or need help checking eligibility, filling out your application or uploading paperwork, schedule an appointment with a local organization near you by calling 833.687.0967.