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A Focus on Financial Education

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A Focus on Financial Education


SCE Credit Union has long been a strong advocate of academics, especially financial education. A dedication to diversity is also at the core of our corporate philosophy. These convictions form the rationale for our relationship with the Academy of Finance. Helping to bring business and financial skills to deserving students not only makes perfect sense but makes us particularly proud.

The Academy of Finance is a magnet program at Clark High School. It’s essentially a school within a school which serves about 130 students.  The students are from neighborhoods across the Las Vegas region, the majority from minority families.  They apply to attend and are rigorously challenged by a curriculum designed to prepare them for college and a career.

Academy students take Honor and AP classes. They attend an extra hour of school every day.  
The education is focused on business-related majors and related professional opportunities. Business fundamentals, math, social studies, and language arts form the foundation. Hands-on learning and professional experiences are emphasized. 

Our Credit Union contribution

The Academy’s diverse, close-knit cohort participate in special activities like:
College and career field trips

  • Professional development workshops
  • Guest speaker events
  • Job shadowing
  • Summer internship
  • Life coach mentorships

Academy of Finance students actively participate and compete within the leadership clubs of DECA (formerly Distributive Education Clubs of America) and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). 

While the school receives grants and assistance that can be applied to anything from computer equipment to lunch, costs are never completely covered. That’s where our Credit Union along with a host of other generous benefactors comes in. 

SCE Credit Union sits alongside national banks and institutions, as well as other local financial firms, on the Academy’s Board of Directors. We’re involved in financial education programs, summer internships and fundraising sponsorships. 
Robin Vitiello, the Director of the Academy of Finance describes the relationship with SCE Credit Union in nothing less than glowing terms. “They are truly amazing, my ‘go to’ community partner,” she says.

As the Academy’s liaison to the community, Director Vitiello turns to local organizations to fill the gap between have and need. “When it’s imperative I find a sponsor, a mentor or raise an important donation, I know I can count on SCE Credit Union.” 

All Academy students graduate high school. Most go on to a college, university or trade school. Many serve in our military. 

The Academy provides students opportunities they wouldn’t ordinarily receive. We hope our involvement helps them ignite a permanent passion for learning. It’s a way to teach today and touch tomorrow.