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Gifts That Make an Impact

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Gifts That Make an Impact


When it comes time to give a teen a gift – whether for birthdays, holidays or graduation – do you find it hard to know what to give? People often rely on the old standby of gift cards or cash because they just don’t know what kind of gift to get for that mysterious age.

Consider these financial gift ideas that can keep on giving.

impactful gifts

Coins, either for spending or collecting, can teach younger kids to save and earn what they want. The gift of a single rare coin could be the start of a great coin collection

While stocks have risk of no return or may lose value over time, they can introduce important financial principles and how money can grow if invested correctly

Set up a college savings account or find out if the child or teen already has one. Contributing early and often can really add up, especially with compounding interest

A great way to teach patience, especially long-term patience, is through savings bonds or a CD – plus the investment pays off over time

Do something a little different at gift-giving time to teach a variety of principles including saving, budgeting, spending and sharing. Your gift will have a greater long-term impact!