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How to be a Crafty, Savvy Saver this Holiday Season

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How to be a Crafty, Savvy Saver this Holiday Season


The holidays are here!

Just like that, it’s time for the holidays once again. The weather is getting colder and everyone has hot chocolate and candy canes on their minds. We have lots of fun activities and ideas you and your kids.

Of course, it’s also an important time of year to think about those who are less fortunate and how you can donate and volunteer as much as you can to help.

If you want a few ideas of what you and your family can make at home, then keep reading!

Holiday ideas at home and online

Host a Money Mammals Craft Fair for your kids and their friends – make it easy for kids to design homemade presents this year in lieu of buying them.

Make a trip to your local craft store to pick up lots of festive decorations kids will need to get creative and make something everyone on their list can enjoy – teachers, friends and even parents! Adding a stocking station will allow kids to get crafty and make a new decoration to hang on the mantle this holiday season.

Handmade ornaments are always a fun and sentimental idea. Popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners can easily be transformed into holiday trees or candy canes. For outdoor enthusiasts, you can use bird seed to help your kids make ornaments designed to be eaten by local wildlife. As you know, kids will come up with all sorts of crazy gift ideas when you give them the tools to let their imaginations soar.

Tired of store-bought, generic holiday cards? You’re in luck, because you can visit our Kids Club website to access Clara’s Card Workshop, where you can make personalized cards with pizzazz. Clara’s Card Workshop encourages kids to get creative and write meaningful holiday messages to friends and family. Plus, it’s free, so it also teaches them the values of saving and not spending money.

The gift that teaches

Another great idea for giving involving zero waste while also highlighting the value of saving is to deposit money to your child’s account. You can even ask everyone in the family to join in on the fun. This financial contribution will last a lot longer than the toys your kids might play with for just a day or so.

As the years pass, kids will get excited as they see their money gain dividends. They can begin planning a savings strategy for items they might want while you establish a fun family tradition that happens every holiday season.

In addition to making gifts, you can offer your friends and family more ways to get into the spirit, such as hosting a donation station (maybe even pair it with the Craft Fair idea above) where you collect donation-worthy items such as clothing, money and canned food all season long. Don’t forget you can also donate new and gently used toys for underprivileged kids.

Happy holidays!

We understand the holidays can be challenging when it comes to kids and the things they ask for as gifts. Focusing on quality experiences with your family can help make the holidays a special time your family will remember again and again. New Dream provides a great booklet for families that want to shift the focus away from “stuff” to simplify the holidays. Here’s a highlight from the booklet – host a family “create-a-gift” party in which family members make and exchange gifts with each other.

We hope these tips help you bring a level of excitement and holiday spirit to you and your family.