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Partner Spotlight: PUENTE Learning Center

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Partner Spotlight: PUENTE Learning Center


Our Credit Union believes empowerment shouldn’t be a privilege… it’s a provision. Equal access, education and opportunities are the keys to individual and community success, and we support organizations committed to unlocking the full potential of underserved students and adults. One of those organizations is PUENTE Learning Center in Los Angeles. They’ve been dedicated to making a difference since 1985

As an acronym, PUENTE stands for People United to Enrich the Neighborhood Through Education. As a word, Puente is Spanish for appropriately, bridge. As a nonprofit community resource, PUENTE Learning Center is powerful and poignant. From their facility overlooking downtown Los Angeles, they’ve impacted the lives of more than 110,000 individuals.

The Boyle Heights based organization serves people aged 3 to 80. They’re children in preschool, elementary, high school and college. Their programs include English as a second language for adults, computer training, obtaining a high school diploma and work force prep.

A fairly new program begins in the 9th grade and augments high school and college education with college and career preparatory instruction. Our nonprofit organization, the Center for Financial Empowerment (CFE), became involved with this group when they began conducting their popular Mad City Money events. An amazing interactive event where students are given make believe jobs while adults play the roles of lenders and landlords, utilities and auto mechanics. In this realistic but risk-free environment, students learn first-hand how difficult budgeting can be. In addition to the financial literacy lessons, CFE has also awarded PUENTE Learning Center students, $2,500 college scholarships.

SCE Credit Union’s involvement has included adult financial literacy workshops for those in the English as a second language program. We’ve also sponsored “Holidays Under the Stars,” which distributes gifts and food to deserving kids and hungry families in the Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles communities. Last month’s event had to be customized to COVID, but still managed to provide a good measure of merry.
SCE FCU has also sponsored two summer festivals with donations and, in keeping with a back to school theme, backpacks for all the kids.

When asked about the relationship PUENTE Learning Center has with SCE Credit Union, Senior Director of Education Michele Wolfe had this to say…

“SCE Credit Union is the best. Their staff is just amazing. They are always there when we need help or assistance with an event, or with a connection to community resources.”

PUENTE Learning Center is a place that helps children develop a love of learning. It’s a place that encourages education at any age. It’s a place that enables excellence and makes us proud to be a partner.