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A positive partnership

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A positive partnership


Our Credit Union is in the business of helping members succeed and the communities we serve in Southern California and Southern Nevada, thrive. We prefer addition to subtraction, inclusion over exclusion. A dedication to diversity and a commitment to equality are at the core of our own philosophy. That’s why our community outreach program focuses on organizations that empower the underserved with tangible opportunities. Nevada Partners is one such organization.

The organization rose from the aftermath of the 1992 West Las Vegas Riots. A diverse coalition of local leaders met and acknowledged while the Rodney King verdict sparked the violence, the real root of the problems could be found in the systemic injustice and lack of opportunity in certain areas. A nonprofit was established to address community needs and issues: high unemployment, food insecurity, crime, and underperforming schools among them. Nevada Partners was born.

Since its inception almost 30 years ago, Nevada Partners has trained thousands in need of employment, and administered over $40 million in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act programs and services. They’ve surpassed federal measures and have been recognized by the White House as a Model Workforce Program. The services provided have resulted in a return on investment of more than $50 million. 

The goal of Nevada Partners is to build a healthy, sustainable community where all residents can achieve their full potential. Education, meaningful employment, safe and affordable housing, along with civic and cultural engagement are among the means to reach that end. 

Homeownership is a cornerstone of building wealth, and so one of their most important efforts has been the First-Time Homebuyer Program. They work to help residents reduce debt, increase their savings, and establish solid banking relationships. Our rock-solid Credit Union contributes bi-weekly webinars on personal money management as well as free financial one-on-one counseling. Lizette Guillen, Director of Administration and Operations, for Nevada Partners adds, “Through our partnership with SCE Credit Union we’re better able to provide education tools helping to promote financial stability. All of this helps turn renters into owners.” 

The program generates more than $3 million a year in down payment assistance. In the last five years more than 14 thousand people completed homebuyer education programs and 752 homes were purchased. 

Nevada Partners is one of the region’s most effective nonprofits. Their impact is a powerful example of how compassion and an uncompromising expectation of excellence, can combine to break the cycle of generational poverty. Nevada Partners is an engine of empowerment and we’re proud to partner with them.