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Save Money on Your Home Purchase or Refi

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Save Money on Your Home Purchase or Refi


  • Flexible interest rates

    • Purchase or refinance your home with lower initial rates using an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), that adjusts with the current market index instead of a fixed rate that remains the same.
  • Low or no down payments

    • Take advantage of low or no down payment options, some with no mortgage insurance. Down payment assistance is also available in California.
  • Home Rewards program

    • Earn a 20% real estate agent commission rebate toward closing costs when you buy a home through our CMFHome Rewards program.1
  • Cash Out Refinance

    • Take cash out for home improvement projects, debt consolidation, education financing and more.
  • Reverse Mortgage

    • A reverse mortgage is a way to convert a portion of your home’s equity into tax-free money returned to you. No regular mortgage payments are required. If you’re at least 62 years old, live in the home, and have equity, you may qualify.2


Apply for a home loan or refi
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