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Video Games Can Teach Money Skills

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Video Games Can Teach Money Skills


Are #VideoGames bad for your health? Probably not.

Are they bad for your wallet? That depends if you’re taking advantage of those Steam video game sales. Steam is one of the most popular digital gaming platforms and allows users to buy and play games. Multiple times a year, they offer sales like Steam Summer Sale, with anywhere from 10 - 95% off major titles.

We’ve thrown out all the games that’ll put you to sleep and created our own list of games to keep you on the edge of your seat. Here’s our list of games you can buy on Steam right now to help teach your teen #SmartMoney habits and improve their #FinancialLiteracy.

Video Games Can Teach Money Skills
Cities Skylines

Build a city, manage the economy, and experience the thrills or hardships of spending wisely

Planet Coaster

Build the ultimate theme park, control the price of admission and concessions, and maintain the crowds’ happiness and enjoyment – all while making a profit

Age of Empires

Wood please. No! Gather your friends for an online experience that’ll test your micromanagement, diplomacy and trading skills in this classic title

Shoppe Keep 2

A little rough around the edges, this gem has plenty of charm. Own and run your own medieval shop and sell the finest wares to local adventurers