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BIZ eNews - January 2015

Jan 13, 2015 | Newsletters

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Inside this issue:
Know the Warning Signs of Financial Trouble, Building a Good Relationship with Your Financial Institution, The convenience of Mobile Check Deposit, Remove These Eight Things from Your Wallet Immediately, Creating a Home Inventory for Insurance Purposes, Vehicles that Help Hold Their Value, Sticking to Your New Year's Resolution, Gadgets that Make Life Easier in the Kitchen, Go Green in 2015, Your Next Adventure Awaits in Aspen...

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2015 Scholarship applications are now available!

Jan 01, 2015 | In The Community

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The Center for Financial Empowerment, formerly the SCE FCU Foundation, offers college and trade school scholarships to young adults from financially disadvantaged families. The scholarship program encourages students from families of modest means to pursue higher education in order to learn a trade or establish a career...

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Ask Us a Question

Jan 01, 2015 | A Note From The CEO

Dear members,

We’re always looking for ways to serve you better and make your banking experience more convenient. One thing many of you have told us is that you’d like to be able to access more information yourselves, without needing to call us or read through a lot of material. We’ve heard you...

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Making a Difference

Jan 01, 2015 | In The Community

making a difference

The Center for Financial Empowerment, SCE FCU’s nonprofit organization, enjoyed a year of growth and development in 2014. We’re proud to share the following achievements:

  • Facilitated 81 financial literacy workshops, serving nearly 3,000 high school students and community residents with effective financial education
  • Hosted 4 Mad City Money reality simulations with 430 teen participants...
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Planning for Life Changes in 2015

Jan 01, 2015 | Tips

planning for 2015

Is your insurance adequate for your 2015 life changes? The Smith family experienced sticker shock when their son began driving. While they knew adding a teen driver would cost more, they didn’t realize how much more. Make sure your insurance policies match your life changes...

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We Heard You!

Jan 01, 2015 | News & Press

we heard you

You’ve been asking for it – and now it’s here… SnapShot, our free online personal financial management (PFM) tool, is now available on our iPhone and Android apps!

Our members rave about SnapShot, which allows you to access any account – even from other financial institutions, credit card companies, etc. If the account is viewable online, you can bring it into SnapShot and view all of your accounts in one easy-to-manage location – with single sign-on – saving you from visiting site after site, with separate log-ins, never really seeing the full picture...

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