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    To say coronavirus has a marked impact on the mortgage industry would be an understatement. As interest rates continue to be volatile and lending standards tighten across the board, let’s take a closer look at what specific effects the virus is having on mortgage lending and what those effects mean for future buyers.
    Here’s a look at some insights from Steve Kaminski, head of US Residential Lending at TD Bank.

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    Someone might offer you a job. Or say you’ve won a sweepstakes. Or start an online relationship with you. Whatever the story, next they want to send you money – and then ask you to send it on to someone else. They often say to wire the money or use gift cards.

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    The process of preparing for college can be long and complicated. From researching all the options to submitting the applications, applying for financial aid and making final decisions, there are many factors and deadlines to consider. It can be overwhelming for any student to navigate, and especially so for those without much parental guidance.

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    Two major earthquakes and a series of aftershocks last year on July 4 and 5 had millions of Los Angeles residents on edge. They were the strongest quakes to hit Southern California in 20 years, with magnitudes measuring 6.4 and 7.1 at the epicenter in Ridgecrest. Surprisingly, there was little damage reported in the rural community of Ridgecrest, or 150-170 miles to the south in sprawling Los Angeles.1

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    The average federal tax refund so far this year is $2,772 – about the same as the average for 2019. But what a difference a year makes. Instead of using the money for a summer vacation, many people who have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic will need to use their refunds to pay the mortgage or buy groceries.

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    The economic fallout from the pandemic has some companies suspending their 401(k) match for employees to save money.

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    If you’re having to scale back on discretionary spending — whether that’s shopping, travel or something else entirely — here’s how to give up that financial habit without feeling deprived.

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    You see an ad saying you can earn big money at home. Or one that offers help starting an online business – with a proven system to make money online. Or maybe your resume is on a job search website and someone calls: they want your driver’s license and bank account numbers before they interview you.

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    Fifteen years ago, thousands of Blockbuster Video stores occupied buildings all over the country, renting DVDs and selling popcorn. Today, there’s only one (it’s in Bend, Oregon). The company’s shares once traded for nearly $30. Now the parent firm is gone, scooped up (and then erased) by the DISH Network in a bankruptcy auction.

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    Summer’s here and you may be running out of ideas to keep the whole family busy at home. Below are some great family projects and activities to keep you busy… but not broke.