Branch Manager
Irwindale Branch
Family member since 2005

What do you like about working at the Credit Union? More than anything, I like the people and the atmosphere. It is very welcoming and full of people with good character, and sincerity. We are very community oriented and build real, genuine relationships with those that we work with out in the communities that we serve.

What’s your most memorable moment as a volunteer for the Foundation? Wow, it’s hard to single out one of many. Working with parents that have not had the financial education that most have and seeing how much of an impact I have in what I say. Also, seeing the recipients of our work is always very gratifying whether it’s during our work with kids, cancer patients, or those who are just down on their luck.

How did you come to be an employee with the Credit Union? I was referred to the Credit Union by an employee, whom I worked with at another financial institution in the past.

Would you recommend SCE FCU as an employer? Without a doubt. I would recommend SCE FCU as an employer for all the reasons that I mentioned and for all the reasons I didn’t because we would have to add another page if I did.