Malicious Software Distributed in Osama bin Laden Photos

Malicious Software Distributed in Osama bin Laden Photos

May 11, 2011 | Alerts

The FBI has issued a warning about phishing emails allegedly showing photos and videos of Osama bin Laden’s recent death. President Obama decided not to release the photos of bin Laden’s corpse. The content of the messages could be malware that can spread to the recipient’s contact list, thus sending the fraudulent email to everyone in the contact list. The malware could be programmed to steal personally identifiable information.

Risk Mitigation Tips

Everyone should consider the following risk mitigation tips:

  • Alert friends and co-workers to exercise caution when receiving unsolicited emails, including messages received from people known to you. Instruct them not to open attachments or click on links contained in suspicious email and they should not download any photos and videos, including software to view videos, allegedly showing bin Laden’s death.
  • Social networking sites should take measures necessary to prevent ‘friends’ from posting content to the website. The website should be monitored for any suspicious postings, including links to other websites.
  • Fraud alert email services should be set up to send an alert warning of this method of spreading malware.

CUNA Mutual Group Risk Alert (PDF)

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