Straight Answers Make a Difference

Jun 29, 2011 | CU at the Wheel

Members Jeannie and Robert took delivery of a 2011 Ford Explorer XLT!

They'd been looking for an Explorer for quite some time and having trouble finding exactly what they wanted. Visiting numerous dealerships stating they had 10 such vehicles in stock and to come down right away... only to get the run-around and only find one on the lot.

A Coca-Cola employee and member of the Credit Union, Jeannie knew about SCE FCU's CU at the Wheel service and thought Robert should give it a try. At first he was skeptical, but decided to give us a call anyway. Couldn't hurt... right? He told us he wanted to trade in his Lincoln LS Sedan for a very specific Ford Explorer.

We immediately went to work!

Robert couldn't believe it when we called him back within just a few hours to let him know we had located the vehicle he wanted and negotiated a great sale price for the Lincoln, too.

Robert said,"I'm in law enforcement and loyalty in my profession is a big deal. Due to your service and professionalism, I will no longer buy a car any other way than through CU at the Wheel. Plan on being busy because I'm going to share this experience with my entire agency at the Sheriff's Department."


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