Text, eMail & Telephone Phishing Scam

Text, eMail & Telephone Phishing Scam

Aug 16, 2011 | Alerts

Random attempts to fraudulently obtain sensitive financial information are in progress and have affected customers at several financial institutions across the country. Requests for information are being sent via automated telephone calls, text messages and emails, and are being portrayed as coming from that person’s bank or credit union.

The automated telephone call says something similar to: “This is an automated message from your credit union. For security purposes, please enter your 16 digit card number and PIN.

The caller ID may show a North Dakota area code. Another form of the message may suggest that the person’s account has been suspended and requests the listener to press 1 for more information. Pressing 1 transfers to a request for the account number, PIN, authorization code, etc.

Responding to these requests could result in the theft of your identity. DO NOT provide this information. Legitimate financial institutions will not contact members through these means to verify information – and will NEVER ask you for your card number or PIN.

If you believe your information has been compromised, call us immediately at 800.866.6474. Outside of business hours, report your card as stolen to: 

Visa Check Card - 888.241.2510
Outside the US, call collect to 909.941.1398

Visa Credit Card - 800.325.3678
Outside the US, call collect to 727.570.4881