Mobile Banking Security Tips

Jan 24, 2012 | Tips

At SCE FCU we're very concerned about your security, no matter how you access your accounts. Now that we offer mobile banking services, we want to take a moment to share some important safety suggestions to help you avoid mobile banking fraud.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Any time you log into SCE FCU Mobile, be aware of the people around you. Never disclose personal information, including account or Social Security numbers, if other people can see your screen.


Password Protect Your Mobile Device

Always secure your mobile device with a password to prevent unauthorized access. And, always lock it when not in use. It may be a bit of a hassle, but if it's ever lost or stolen, you'll be glad you took this extra precaution.


Download Only From Secure Sites

Beware of third-party applications that claim to organize your various online banking accounts or other passwords. Many of these are basically phishing scams designed to steal your information and send it to fraudsters. Android users should not enable "install from known sources" for security purposes. Only access your accounts through our official website or Our SCE FCU Mobile app is available for download in the Android Market and iPhone App Store.


Completely Log Out

Be sure to log out completely every time you finish a mobile banking session. This will prevent easy access to your information. Also, never save any financial or personal information on your mobile device, including PINs and login information.


Delete Texts

While SCE FCU will never send personal or account identifying information via text, being in the habit of periodically deleting your archived texts will help ensure there is never information on your phone that might jeopardize your account's security. Never respond to text messages requesting personal information.


Never Modify Security Settings

Do not modify the security settings on your mobile device, as you may inadvertently disable important security features.


Report Lost or Stolen Immediately

If you lose your mobile device, log into your account from another computer and reset your password right away. Immediately Contact Us and your mobile carrier so the device can be deactivated.

Being cautious when using SCE FCU Mobile doesn’t take any extra time and will help ensure that you never have to worry when checking your accounts remotely. Feel free to Contact Us any time if you have questions about accessing your accounts.