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Adjusting Your Cash Flow

Learning about strategies for improving your cash flow is one thing, but actually putting them into action is another. Laying out your income and expenses on a calendar can help you visualize your cash flow, making it easier to make adjustments.

What to do

  • Enter your income sources (jobs, benefits, etc.) add amounts on the day you receive them with a plus (+) sign
  • Enter your expenses and amounts on the day you pay them with a minus (-) sign
  • Use ideas from the Improving Cash Flow tool to adjust the timing of your expenses. For instance, draw an arrow form an expense you can move to a date that's after you get paid
  • Take action and make the changes reality by adjusting your spending habits, calling your creditors about changing the due dates of your bills, or splitting large periodic bills into smaller more frequent ones to make them ore manageable to pay


Adjusting Cash Flow Workbook
Download this fillable PDF to better align expenses with income.


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