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Savings Plan

There are many benefits to having a savings plan.

Your plan builds your own personal safety net one week at a time. As you build savings, you can have peace of mind knowing you have a little money set aside for the unexpected – and that means you'll spend less on late fees for missed bill payments and the costs that come with borrowing money to cover expenses.

As you watch small amounts add up, you'll build confidence and move closer to reaching your goals.

What to do

  • Write down the goal you're saving toward and consider starting an emergency fund
  • Figure out the total amount you need to save to reach that goal
  • Decide how many weeks you have to save that amount of money
  • Divide the amount of money you want to save by the number of weeks you have to save it... that's your weekly savings target
  • Think about ways you can cut expenses to match the total amount you need to save per week


Savings Plan Workbook
Download this fillable PDF to help reach your goals and deal with unexpected expenses.


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