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Putting Goals into Action

All goals take time and commitment to achieve. One of the most effective ways to accomplish your goals is to create an action plan outlining the steps you'll take.

Many goals also require external resources to achieve. These resources could include needing information, tools, transportation, or even a professional financial coach or counselor to help you. These kinds of resources should be added to your action plan.

Research shows that people who write down specific goals are much more likely to reach their goals than if they don't write them down.1 Sharing these goals with a friend and checking in with them regularly about your progress also increases the chances you'll reach your goals.

What to do

Now that you have an action plan for accomplishing your goals, learn more about how to save money to achieve your goals.

  • Break up your goal into small, actionable steps. Write each step in a separate box
  • Consider what resources you will need to take each step and write them next to that step
  • Set a deadline for each step’s completion
  • Think about sharing your progress with a friend or family member. Add their name next to the step and how often you will check in with them. This can help keep you motivated


Putting Goals into Action Workbook
Download this fillable PDF to help you turn your SMART goals into an easy-to-follow action plan.


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