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Increasing Income & Benefits

There are two ways to bring home more money. You can bring in more income through a one-time activity like selling items in a garage sale or online, or learn if there are additional tax credits you can claim to increase your refund.

Or you can bring in more income or benefits on a regular basis. For example, you could get a part-time job, apply for public benefits you qualify for, or start a small business.

There are lots of ideas for ways to earn from a one-time activity or on a regular basis. Not all options will work for everyone, so focus on the ones that seem realistic for you and your family.

What to do

  • Review the strategies for increasing income and benefits to see if any could work for you
  • Write down ideas for how you can accomplish the strategies, like where you might look for a part-time job or when and where you might hold a garage sale
Increasing Income & Benefits
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Use your skills and resources

  • I can earn extra money with skills I have (providing childcare, doing yard work, etc.)
  • I can use my talents or hobbies to make items to sell online or start a part-time small business
  • I can trade things (like house cleaning or baby-sitting) for services I need (like car repairs) from friends or relatives with those skills
  • I can run errands for other people for a small fee
  • I can become a driver for a ride-sharing service
  • I can rent a room in my home to a friend or relative (if allowed in my housing agreement)

Look for job opportunities

  • I can ask for a raise or additional hours at my current job
  • I can get a part-time job
  • I can look for opportunities for training or education to increase my wages at my current job or help me get a better job

Sell household items

  • I can hold a yard sale/garage sale
  • I can sell items I don't need or want online
  • I can sell produce from my garden

Consider government options

  • I can see if I'm eligible for public benefits (TANF, WIC, SNAP, Medicaid, public housing, Social Security Disability, SSI or unemployment
  • I can learn if there are tax credits I can claim
  • I can change my tax withholding (if I generally receive a large tax refund)
  • I can decide when to claim Social Security to maximize my benefits
Increasing Income & Benefits Workbook
Download this fillable PDF to help you strategize ways to increase your income and benefits.


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