CU at the Wheel

cu at the wheel logoYour Exclusive Auto Buying Service

If your last car-buying experience at the dealership was wonderful, stop reading here. Okay then, you must be like so many people who spend hours at the dealership, hearing about the great offer the salesman can give you, only to find out their manager won’t approve it, so you continue on with an offer that is “only for you” and “only today” ─ you know how it is... And you leave wondering if you could have gotten a better price and a better rate, instead of leaving feeling exhilarated about your new purchase.

We can save you time, money and frustration with our CU at the Wheel auto buying service. You tell us the make, model and options you’d like ─ new or used ─ and we’ll do the work for you. We’ll get you a great price and a great rate, and the car will be delivered to you. You’d think a concierge-level service like this would come at a high price, but as a member of the Credit Union, you receive it at no charge ─ in fact you’ll actually be saving!

It’s easy to get started. Call us at 800.866.6474 option 3, send us a secure email, or talk to us via Live Chat during business hours.