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    You may have carefully considered your auto and home insurance deductibles when you first purchased your policies, but you probably haven’t given them much thought since then. If so, it might be worth re-evaluating them. Having the appropriate deductible for your situation not only provides peace of mind but might save you money.

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    As a reminder, the SnapShot PFM (Personal Finance Manager) will no longer be available after February 28, 2020.

    If you'd like to export your data from SnapShot, follow these steps:

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  • woman looking at credit card

    How to Manage Credit Card Debt

    February 13, 2020 | Tips

    he debt crisis in America is approaching $14 trillion – with credit cards making up 26.2% of that. According to, more than 189 million Americans have credit cards. An average household has at least four cards, carrying roughly $8,400 in credit card debt.

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    If you’re new to the 52-week money challenge, the first month or so you might wonder if it’ll take 52 years to see progress because you start small. But know that this savings plan is effective, and it can help you sock away more than a thousand dollars a year - $1,378 to be exact. You could possibly build up even more if you put the funds in a high-yield savings account. Doing the challenge takes commitment, but it’s easy to start.

  • credit cards and cash

    Choosing the best and fastest course to financial freedom can be difficult. Different repayment options work better for different people. While we can’t tell you what works best for your particular financial situation, we can recommend what not to do. So when making your game plan, remember to avoid these three debt repayment misconceptions:

  • tax form 1040

    For millions of Americans, there’s no getting around the need to file an annual tax return. Fortunately, the IRS gives you plenty of time to organize your paperwork and submit your forms. The regular filing deadline is April 15, and those requesting an extension can take up to October 15 to file their forms, although any taxes owed are still due in April.

  • statement inserts - blog image

    Statement Inserts

    February 01, 2020 | Statements

    Here are your monthly statement inserts. In addition to these items, each statement also includes your monthly disclosures.

  • Holiday Hours

    Holiday Hours

    February 01, 2020 | Events

    SCE FCU branches will be closed on the following days. You still have access to your accounts 24/7 through Online & Mobile Banking or FastLine phone teller at 800.866.6575.

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    Mad City Money is Coming!

    February 01, 2020 | Events

    Don't miss this financial literacy event for teens!

    Saturday, March 7th

    SCE FCU Corporate Office
    12701 Schabarum Ave  •  Irwindale, CA 91706