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How Does Round Up Savings Work?

Every time you use your SCE Credit Union Visa® Debit Card, your purchases will be automatically rounded up to the next whole dollar, and the excess of the purchase amount will be transferred into your savings account each day.

Your debit card purchases will post to your checking account for the exact amount of purchase. The total of all excess amounts will be posted daily as a single transfer from your personal SCE Credit Checking Account to your Savings.

Round Up Savings Requirements

The following products and services are required to participate in Round Up Savings:

  • Regular or Youth Savings Account
  • Personal Checking Account
  • SCE Credit Union Visa Debit Card  

Savings Account Options

The daily Round Up transfers can post to a Regular or Youth Savings Account under the member account number that contains the personal checking account.

If you have more than one checking account or would like Round Up funds to be transferred to another account other than savings account, please contact us at 800.866.6474 to discuss your request.


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